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Dreaming of Home

February 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Since there are two feet of snow on the ground, even though I have gotten out to shovel, ski, and snowshoe, I have spent more time in my home this time of year. It is cozy, and the winter sun still being low in the sky, allows the light to penetrate deeply into the house and illuminate the interior space. I know every inch of this house intimately. My partner and I designed and built this house. It is a dream that I’ve had since I was sixteen years old. I have encountered many people with that same dream. I think on some level, it is a very deeply seated and primitive desire to want to create your own home.
There are so many things to think about when building a house, but being a landscape designer and a builder gives me the insight to be able to look equally at the land and the building and how they will work together and compliment each other.
Looking at the land first is a step that unfortunately many people completely overlook, do not consider, or don’t even know about. By looking at land I mean walking it, bringing a compass with you and familiarizing yourself with the cardinal directions, looking at what is growing there, what the soil looks, feels, and smells like, how the water runs across it when it rains, what direction the breezes are coming from, how you will access your land. This list continues and is extensive. The more you know about a piece of land, the more you know what you can or cannot do with each piece you acquaint yourself with. It is quite educational to walk many pieces of land. Each parcel can teach you something different and the more land that you walk and experience, the deeper you will cultivate a sense of what you are actually looking for.
Before we bought our land we compiled two lists. The first list encompassed things that we had to have such as at least ten acres, privacy, a good house site, land that perced, fairly close proximity to a store, a place to put a garden, and southern exposure. The second list encompassed ideals such as a waterfall with an amazing swimming hole and all like-minded neighbors. Everyone has their own list and it is extremely helpful to actually write it down. It helps solidify what you are looking for and focuses your search thus wasting less of your time.
To be continued…

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