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Waterbury Residential Terrace

This was a small lot with not a lot of privacy. The majority of the back yard, the optimum area for privacy, was a steep slope. Taller flowering shrubs and fruit trees were planned for edges abutting neighbors’ yards and a series of planted terraces were planned to mitigate the steep slope. The south facing slope provided the perfect area for vegetables and flowering perennials. A fire ring on the lower terrace gives a more intimate feel.

Design For Outdoor Entertaining Barre

New to the area, these clients wanted to create privacy and a backyard retreat where they could retire to at the end of the day and also use for entertaining. Feeling exposed on a double lot, their request was to create more planting areas to soften the edges and to welcome visitors to their home.


Edible Restaurant Landscape – Burlington

Starting a new restaurant with an overgrown and neglected landscape, the client wanted a new design that reflected their use of fresh and local foods. Culinary herbs, edible flowers, and native plants welcome guests as they make their way to the entrance via an extended walkway.

Landscape For Erosion Control – Costa Rica

In a part of the world that can receive more than 19 feet of rain a year, this residence needed immediate attention or the house structure would be compromised. Water was diverted from were it was eroding the landscape and from roof run-off through a series of berms and swales that slowed the water down significantly. The landscape was then planted with edible and medicinal herbs and trees. Erosion ceased and the implemented design provides food, habitat, and beauty.


Master Plan for Environmental Education Center and Residence

Wanting to develop their off-grid site to a place of learning, working with the land, and a potential cohousing project, the clients wanted a master plan that reflected the development of land around the house for maximum food production utilizing permaculture principles. Siting a pond, providing a windbreak, providing plans for future housing, and exploring siting buildings that were constructed of earthen materials were also some of the client requests. Environmental inventory and analysis were provided to guide them in choosing future sites for the final plan.

Landscape Design For Privacy – Warren, VT

A newly built custom-designed home had the unfortunate circumstance of being located close to power lines. Maintenance cutting by the power company took away trees and shrubs that provided privacy. This planting plan addressed an ex-posed bank and view to the road by incorporating water-loving flowering shrubs, trees and also herbaceous plants to create privacy, color, soil stabilization, and a welcoming approach.