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Lizabeth Moniz

Lizabeth Moniz owner and principal designer received a Master of Arts in Landscape Design and Sustainable Land-Use Planning from the Conway School of Landscape Design and has been designing for and consulting with clients in Vermont and beyond since 2004. Coming from a background in residential construction and natural building, Lizabeth is able to draw from practical knowledge to best inform your landscape design and understands how the built environment interacts with the natural environment. A culmination of an undergraduate degree in fine art, permaculture design certification, wilderness trip leading, and many years of building and teaching brought Lizabeth to this current distillation as a landscape designer. Traveling, teaching with the Peace Corps, and living in other parts of the world have endeared Lizabeth to the diverse beauty not only of landscapes but of different cultures.

Captivated by plants and nature at a very early age and continually amazed by their surprises and beauty, Lizabeth’s curiosity with natures’ workings and inner-connectedness remains inextinguishable and drives the passion of her work. As a homesteader, builder, and educator, Lizabeth sees landscapes as multifunctional, providing both food and beauty. Utilizing her land as a testing ground for plants, built structure, solar exposure, gardening techniques, etc., has given Lizabeth a wider breadth of applicable hands-on practical knowledge.

A great day will find Lizabeth planting or walking and exploring the mysteries of the forest. An amazing day will find Lizabeth body surfing in non-shark-infested waters.